September 6, 2010
The Living Hope with Pastor P.M. Smith

A Question of Commitment

September 16, 2010
Being successful in life, employment, public office, Christian service requires commitment. John 6:66-69 is an example of how a leader deals with his followers when he sees they lack commitment. Peter shows an example of showing leadership of a committed group. Principle Commitment is entrusting something of value to another person. It is obligating yourself to a particular act or action. The real measure and evidence of your commitment is your action, as the result of your act of commitment. Real commitment starts in the heart and characterizes our relationship with God.
References: Psalm 37:5, John 6:66-69

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"The Living Hope" is an outreach ministry of Huber Memorial Church. These weekly sermon messages of sound biblical doctrine, truth and hope, are preached by Pastor P.M. Smith.

The Lord has spoken and He has spoken good concerning you and me... all because we have a relationship with Him!

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As a youngster, P.M. Smith, desired to be a lawyer. But after completing law school and achieving success as a formidable criminal attorney, there was still a void in his heart. He fulfilled the call on his life and left the legal profession in 1983 to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and serve as full-time pastor of Huber Memorial Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Winning cases was something he did well, but winning souls for the Lord is what he does best!


Under his leadership, the church has developed a strong and vital teaching ministry for all ages and a Christian co-educational school, H.O.P.E. Academy. He is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, and is a visible shepherd and servant in the community. He and his wife Delores have two children, Tehma & Ade.

Pastor Smith encourages every Child of God, every Soldier of the Cross of Christ to...don't compare...don't complain...don't compete...don't quit...Just Continue!

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