The Journey with Ron Moore
Wisdom from Above – Part 1
Her guidance is reliable when you climb steep, rocky paths and when cruising smooth, open highways. She’s a faithful companion on the sunniest of days and in dark, stormy nights. She is Wisdom and today Ron Moore will tell you where to find her.

Featured Offer from The Journey

The Solid Foundation

How sturdy are the underpinnings of your spiritual dwelling? When the winds of adversity blow and floods of disappointment rise will your house stand?

It will if it’s built upon the bedrock truths outlined in Ron Moore’s audio resource, "The Solid Foundation." In this challenging message Ron shares the four reasons a firm footing is necessary for a strong spiritual residence.

He also takes a look at the three biblical virtues that are required to meet the heavenly building codes. Learn and follow them so that you can withstand the inevitable storms of life.

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