The Journey with Ron Moore
The King’s Humility
The One who created the world with just a word entered that world through a humble birth, to humble parents, as a humble baby. Was it weakness in the face of his rebellious creatures that determined this meek arrival? Or was it a power greater than the Big Bang? That’s Ron Moore’s focus in today’s message.  Listen and discover what it means for your life.

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How’s your heart?


Life comes at us fast, and sometimes so furiously that we forget why it’s swirling around us.

God’s purpose in life’s stress, troubles, and tough times is plain, as Ron Moore explains in his first book, Ignite. He uses our unfulfilled dreams, unsatisfied longings, unknown futures, and unmet expectations to stoke a burning passion to follow Him with our whole hearts.

Using King David—whom God called “a man after [My] own heart” (1 Sam. 13:14, TNIV) but who had feet of clay—as the book’s guide, Ron leads readers step-by-step along a spiritual journey to a heart ignited by grace.

By matching today’s struggles with David’s tumultuous life, Ron paints a vivid picture of God meeting His children wherever they are and using their loneliness, brokenness, disappointment, and emptiness to fan the flames of faith in their hearts.

Ron, whose ministry of 20 years is devoted to seeing lives changed by the Word of God, teaches a timeless message in Ignite: Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity . . . a lesson people need to hear now as never before.

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