Messianic Vision with Sid Roth
Signs and Wonders Part 3
  • Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

Harvest - Your Abundance Now (Book & 3-CD Set)

Now Is the Time to Leave Lack Behind

As a child of God, success and prosperity are your God-given destiny. So why do so many Christians live in lack? Even with all the books and teachings, many are still left longing for God's abundance.

Wired for Success, Programmed for Failure. (Book) There is an internal law that brings us back to the scope of our internal beliefs. As surely as gravity will always bring us back to the Earth, we return to the boundaries of what we really believe. Rather than live by invisible limitations, Wired for Success, Programmed for Failure shows you how to move internal boundaries to enjoy and sustain the levels of success God desires.

The God-Kind of Abundance. (3-CD Series) Now you can break free from the stongholds of lack and begin experiencing the God-kind of abundance. Through this powerful CD series, Dr. James Richards shares the keys to walking in the blessings and favor of God through fresh revelation on the spiritual laws of sowing and reaping.

Also included on these CDs are special prayers recorded by Jim to break strongholds of lack and foster spiritual growth and prosperity in your life.

Dr. James Richards has a passion for Jesus. He is founder of Impact Ministries in Hunstville, Alabama, has seen miracles of nearly every kind. He has helped thousands of people around the world break through to new levels of healing and personal success.

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