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Jonathan Welton 5
Jonathan Welton teaches what the true power of grace really is, how it gives us freedom from sexual sin, and how it empowers us in our relationships and walk with God.
  • Friday, March 30, 2012

Featured Offer from Messianic Vision

Supernatural Understanding Package (2 Books & 3-CD Set)

You Can Understand More of God and His Kingdom

Supernatural Guide to Understanding Angels. (Book) Shane Wall teaches that the supernatural realms are for God and His children, and far more so than for occult practices. God's realm is busy with angels sent to help us, warn us and protect us every day, just as it was in Bible times.

Now you can understand life in the supernatural realm as you learn:

  • Why angels are on earth and how you can interact with them
  • God's purpose for giving you access to the unseen realm
  • How seeking God unleashes angelic representation on your behalf
  • How to cancel spiritual weakness and restore God’s power in your life
  • 10 keys to seeing and experiencing the supernatural realm every day

Understanding. (Book & 3-CD Set) Seeing things God's way can empower you every day of your life. Your decisions and relationships need His perspective to be successful.

But when it comes to God, how much do you really understand about His will and His plans? Shane Wall shows that the tendency to lean on your understanding presents a new opportunity to trust God almost every day. Shane says that kind of walk leads to understanding God's wisdom, and he gives practical illustrations and real-life examples to motivate you to live by it.

Shane Wall is a pastor and author who has had many angelic encounters along and also a lifelong passion for true Godly wisdom. He and his wife Jasmyne reside in Orangeburg, SC.

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