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Silence Satan (Book & 3-DVD Set)

How to Fight Back from the Foot of the Cross

Silence Satan teaches you how to stand strong against the enemy even as you learn the many ways Satan works to silence us with wounds, accusations, lies and subtle deceit.

A spiritual battle isn’t won with a well-preached message or a good song. The place it will be won is the place of Satan’s defeat — at the cross of Messiah Jesus. In fact, every answer and solution to the situations we face are found at the cross—not new—but the victory is always fresh.

Kyle Winkler's book and DVD series are more than a teaching. They are a how-to set intended to build faith and confidence even as you learn to recognize unseen enemy tactics; you are prepared to bruise the enemy every time he offers another lie. Victory is still sweet, and it is found at the cross when you need it most.

Kyle Winkler is an author and passionate teacher who encourages believers to experience God, enjoy Him and grow in spiritual maturity.