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The Wild Love of God, The Love Project & The Amazing Benefits of Living Loved (2 Books & CD/DVD Set)

Live Your Life as an Intentional Miracle

The Wild Love of God. (Book) How does God really see me? Do I exhaust His patience and His love? Does He love me out of desire or is He obligated to love me because He's God? In The Wild Love of God, Chris DuPré answers these questions as he takes you on a real life journey from a prison cell in WWII Germany to a small town in upstate New York. The youngest son of a WWII POW, Chris remembered mostly disappointment and pain from his earthly father until another Father stepped into his life. After receiving God's outpouring of affection in a face-to-face encounter, Chris went on a journey of forgiveness that found a restoration far beyond his wildest dreams. An incredible true  story, The Wild Love of God will bring you to the very face of God. As it does you will begin to see yourself as He sees you — loved by a Father in ways no one can control, regardless of circumstances, a perfect and wild Love.

The Love Project. (Book) Life is about doing "love" in your most ordinary routines. We were created to be loved so that we can, in turn, freely love others. Why don't more people end each day encouraged and stronger? The Love Project is a daily journey that demontrates God's great affection for you and brings you into a lifestyle of being continuously filled as you give love to others around you. Bring your world into the flow of God's unhurried, patient love expressed out of who you are, as you are. You will find yourself transformed as you go.

The Amazing Benefits of Living Loved. (CD/DVD) Chris DuPré knows firsthand the value of living loved. Now he wants to share what those benefits are and how you can experience them for yourself. Through this CD/DVD set you will even learn the science of love and how it affects you. Discover how love is a prescription for abundant healthful life the way God intends. Included on both the CD and DVD is a special performance of Chris DuPré's hit song Dance with Me.

Chris DuPré carries one great desire, that people would know the depths of God’s great love for them. A pastor, teacher and spiritual father, Chris may best be known for his song, Dance With Me. Chris and his wife Laura reside in Franklin, TN.