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Birthing the Miraculous, Reckless Devotion & The Love Challenge (2 Books & 2-CD Set)

Seeing Your Miracles Come to Pass

Birthing the Miraculous. (Book) We all desire the favor of God on our lives. We eagerly pray and hope for His miracles and blessings. But carrying the promises of God often means being stretched and being patient to nourish those promises until it is God's time for them to be born.

In Birthing the Miraculous Heidi Baker weaves true stories from her life and ministry—including personal visitations and life-changing visions—together with the biblical story of Mary's pregnancy with Jesus to show you how to become a catalyst for God's glory here on earth.

Sometimes God's promises seem implausible and even crazy. But no matter how impossible His promises seem, we can respond as Mary did, with a yielded cry of "Yes!" It is time to go into every realm of society, carrying your promise, believing for the impossible and watching God do the miraculous through you.

Reckless Devotion. (Book) Whether stopping for the one in a dusty village in Mozambique or reaching out to the world, Heidi and Rolland Baker model — and invite everyone into — the radical love that thrills God's heart.

Energized by their work on the frontlines of ministry, the Bakers weave together miraculous stories, Scriptures, encouraging devotional thoughts and prayer to take you through the year.

Every day is a fresh invitation to live devoted to God. Join Heidi and Rolland for an unforgettable year with the One who loves you more than you can imagine.

The Love Challenge. (2-CD Set)Love Must Look Like Something. While speaking to a group of students, Heidi calls this generation to put love into action. Jesus' love looked like something. She reminds us that Jesus took off His outer clothing, wrapped a towel around His waist and washed the feet of His disciples. Heidi encourages us with many stories to demonstrate love in the same manner. This message will ignite your faith and challenge you to make your love look like something.

Stopping for Someone Every Day! In this powerful message, Heidi speaks about Stopping for Someone Every Day. Heidi encourages the church to stop for the broken, hurting and hungry one; those that may be right in front of you. Heidi shares personal stories of feeding the hungry that will ignite a passion in others to do the same.

Heidi Baker founded Iris Ministries with her husband, Rolland. Together they served as missionaries in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the streets of London before following God's calling in 1995 to Mozambique. The Bakers now watch God provide miraculously for over 7,000 children.