Light of the Word with Pastor Steve Mays
The seventh Commandment says, "thou shalt not commit adultery."  It's a sin that's been committed throughout history.  But today it seems more rampant than ever.  Adultery has become more commonplace in our lives as we've altered our perception of it.  But as Pastor Steve points out, this new perception of infidelity as being fun and exciting, always takes us to the same old place of defilement, disappointment, and divorce.  That’s why Steve calls this lesson, "Living in Hell".  Take a listen as Steve shares the curse, the cause, and the cure for adultery.

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Overwhelmed by God and Not Your Troubles by Steve Mays

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when life brings financial, relational or spiritual trouble. But what if, instead of focusing on the trials and challenges, Christians would allow themselves to be overwhelmed by God? Pastor Steve Mays invites you to accept God’s promise of abundant life.

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