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End of The World - Are You Ready?
From the very beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the end of the world. We've attempted to analyze and calculate it, expect and envision it. We've made assumptions about events and accusations about people, all in an attempt to determine how and when it will happen. Yet, only God truly knows the details.

In this series, Ed Young opens the pages of Scripture to investigate what God says about the end of the world. And we see that the most powerful truth concerning the future end is the truth that Christ is the beginning of our hope today.

It's inevitable. The end of the world is coming. Experts everywhere agree—theologians, scientists, scholars. Yet, while they focus on when and how it will happen, they miss the more important question: what does it mean for us today? In this message, Ed Young looks to Scripture and reveals something about the end of the world we may have never considered. And he shows us what it takes to prepare for the inevitable with a hope that is eternal.

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