"The Miracle of Marriage"

November 21, 2016
Christian Life Tools with Jim Reed

"The Cry for Mercy" Psalm 6

November 28, 2016

There are many times in life where discouragement seems to rule the day. We feel under siege. Our hearts are weighed down by feelings of doubt and depression. It may be of no surprise to any of us that this seems to be the way it is sometimes for our human nature. We can get down and out. 

King David was anointed by God in a powerful way. But even with all that anointing and power, David still struggled with his own sin nature. In the midst of David's struggles, he was able to forge some mighty weapons of warfare. These weapons are called the Psalms. God himself would encourage us by pleading with us, "Please, take up my Word, 'The Sword of the Spirit' and go to battle. Victory is within your arm's reach." Let us reach into God's scabbard and pull out Psalm 6.

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