A few weeks ago I had the best seat in my church to see one of the praise bands. They performed a song I love during my webcast and I was seated on the stage!

It was the best seat in the house to see them.

But it wasn’t the best seat in the house to hear them.

They were amazing but from where I was seated the thump of the drums and the screams of the electric guitar were so loud I couldn’t hear the beautiful blend everyone else was hearing. So, what I thought was the best seat wasn’t all I thought it would be.

I’ve thought about this many times since then.

Because sometimes we jockey awfully hard for what we think is the best seat in life. But sometimes the best seat isn’t front and center. It isn’t the seat everyone else is going for.

It’s the more ordinary spot.

Several rows back.

One where the music comes together just right.

This is where I can praise God most authentically, purely, and without distraction. The place of the ordinary. This is true in my church’s worship center and it’s true in my life as well.

Oh how I thank God for the very common and ordinary spots of my life.

Standing at the sink watching the kids do their homework at the sticky farm table.

Sitting on the front steps to welcome home my husband.

Cutting flowers from the bush that just bloomed in my front yard.

Oh what the world calls ordinary, I call the best.