The Journey with Ron Moore
The Generosity of God
Do you take time to pause and think about God’s favor in your life?  When you do you’ll discover a life-changing journey into the gracious heart of your Father in Heaven.  Today, Ron Moore offers a road map that will help you take the initial step.

Featured Offer from The Journey

What the Bible says about Marriage, Divorce, Living Together and Homosexuality booklet


The cultural norm used to be a man and a woman getting married, having a family, and living happily ever after. That standard is long gone. Today in the United States fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. Many couples in our country have come to the conclusion that living together before marriage makes good sense. Americans are deeply divided over the issue of homosexuality and the approval of same-sex marriage.

The fight is on for biblical marriage. But citing statistics is not enough. We need to understand what the Bible has to say. Once these truths are settled in our hearts and minds we will have the confidence to pass these truths to our children and grandchildren.

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