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Healing is Easy! Part 5

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The Secret Radical Islamic Plot to Conquer America & The Brotherhood (Book/2 DVDs & Book)

Essential resources for you to understand end times Bible prophecy!

Islam's hidden agenda for America revealed! Direct from Israel, Shira Sorko-Ram documents the last seven years of White House policies that have given Islam a foothold and advantage in conquering North America from within. She reveals by name the Muslim radicals in our government, and uncovers the hidden master plan being implemented right now! Also included is Shira’s written, prophetic analysis of the threat from Iran. Her set includes:

  • Shira’s brand-new book (not even in the bookstores yet).
  • Her two DVDs with four teaching segments exposing the radical Islam agenda.
  • Shira’s prophetic analysis of the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. She clearly explains why it is so bad as only this brilliant Israeli can.

America's news outlets are silent on the real threat to Amerca from within. I urge you to absorb this vital book and 2 DVDs prepared for you by Shira Sorko-Ram.   — Sid

The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for “stealth jihad.” In his acclaimed hardback book, The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy, terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck reveals the frightening truth about this dangerous group that has gained power and influence in the highest levels of government. He examines the alarming ramifications of the Brotherhood’s rapid rise for America, Europe and Israel.

Shira Sorko-Ram is a founder of Maoz Israel Ministries, where she ministers with her husband Ari to help bring spiritual awakening among the people of Israel.. 

Erick Stakelbeck is a bold Christian journalist who has written for the Jerusalem Post and the Wall Street Journal. He is a leading expert on terrorism and frequently reports on CNN and Fox News.

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