God Speaking - Day 7

August 7, 2016
God Speaking with Anne Graham Lotz and Faith Comes By Hearing ®

God Speaking - Day 8

August 8, 2016

I’m so thrilled and thankful that you have taken this historic 8-day journey into God’s Word with me and tens of thousands of others around the world! What a journey this has been!

Today is our final day ... And we’re going to listen together to the apostle John’s eyewitness account of the future — the book of Revelation. So if you want to know what the world is coming to, get ready to find out.

Today's Scripture: Rev 6:1-22:21


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Anne Graham Lotz and Faith Comes By Hearing ® invite you to listen to God’s Word together with hundreds of thousands of believers around the globe for 8 historic days.

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Called “the best preacher in the family” by her father, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz speaks around the globe with the wisdom and authority of years spent studying God’s Word. The New York Times named Anne one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation. She’s been profiled on 60 Minutes, and has appeared on TV programs such as Larry King Live, The Today Show, and Hannity Live. Her Just Give Me Jesus revivals have been held in more than 30 cities in 12 different countries, to hundreds of thousands of attendees. Whether a delegate to Davos’ Economic Forum, a commentator to the Washington Post, or a groundbreaking speaker on platforms throughout the world, Anne’s aim is clear – to bring revival to the hearts of God’s people. And her message is consistent – calling people into a personal relationship with God through His Word. Anne is a best-selling and award-winning author. Her most recent releases are The Daniel Prayer, Wounded by God’s People, Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, Expecting to See Jesus and her first children’s book, Heaven: God’s Promise for Me. Anne and her late husband, Danny Lotz, have three grown children and three grandchildren. She is the founder and president of AnGeL Ministries.

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