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RPM - Off Roading
Society has its notion of what makes dating, relationships and marriage thrive. But a quick look under the hood reveals a longing to get back on the right track-a longing to do it God's way. Because it is only the octane that God provides that gets us out of the rut and back on the road toward relational success.

In this series, Ed Young shows us how a relationship fueled by God is a relationship that experiences the ultimate thrill ride. Whether your marriages has redlined, your relational tank is running on fumes, or your dating life has hit cruise control, this series promises to reenergize our drive and refuel our passion to follow God's track.

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FIFTY SHADES OF THEY From New York Times Best-Selling Author Ed Young

Fifty Shades of They gives you fifty simple, yet profound insights that will help any relationship thrive, from friendships to business partnerships to marriages. Based on biblical standards and the teaching of Ed Young, this book is written for anyone who is looking to give new life to their relationships.

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