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Influence - The Target
Most people want to make a difference. They want their actions and words to matter somehow. Yet, in searching for ways to make that happen, we often miss the obvious answers right in front of us, those found in the Bible.

Every time we turn to the Bible, something amazing happens. We learn more about our purpose, unpack the truth about God's power and find ways to sync the two together. And in this message, we take another look at God's plan. And we discover that what He has in store for us today is the very thing that will help us to leave our imprint on tomorrow. Leadership is influence; influence is leadership. And any time we take hold of one and implement the other, we find ourselves in a unique position--one that forces us to ask the difficult questions and often face tough opposition.

 In this message, Ed Young begins to look at Nehemiah's leadership. And through Nehemiah's example, we begin to see that no matter where we lead out, when God is our focus--our target--he will always provide the tools necessary to take us where he wants us to go and accomplish what he wants us to accomplish.

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