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End of The World - Time For The Gavel
From the very beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the end of the world. We've attempted to analyze and calculate it, expect and envision it. We've made assumptions about events and accusations about people, all in an attempt to determine how and when it will happen. Yet, only God truly knows the details.

In this series, Ed Young opens the pages of Scripture to investigate what God says about the end of the world. And we see that the most powerful truth concerning the future end is the truth that Christ is the beginning of our hope today.

 Judgment. To us, the word sounds ominous and cruel. It's a word we equate with prejudice, corruption and even hate. Yet, there is a judgment that is coming that is none of those. It is a judgment born out of God's love. In this message, Ed Young opens the pages of Scripture to reveal the truth about the ultimate judgment. And he shows us that when we view judgment from an eternal perspective, we can begin to experience the most out of life every day.

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