Is Atheism Scientific?

April 17, 2017
Defender's Voice with Dr. Paul Kattupalli

Glaciers, Ice Ages and Mammoths

April 24, 2017

Very few would deny the majesty and wonder that Alaska holds, nor would they fail to recognize the sheer wonder of the massive glaciers found there. How could something that is truly a wonder of this world come to exist? The answers to questions such as this are made clear throughout the Bible. The glaciers that formed in Alaska are just a small piece of evidence that can be found throughout the world that the Bible clearly tells us of, and through the study of Biology, Anthropology, Geology, and Meteorology we find the evidence to further confirm Biblical teaching.There was a global flood and it did cover the world. Unfortunately, science doesn`t look at the world through biblical eyes anymore and because of this- the wonders of the world are not seen as a work of God. But that is exactly what they are. Join Dr. Paul as he discusses the wonders he experienced in Alaska. He explains how the secular world presents the glaciers we see throughout the world as remnants of the Ice Age that occurred in cycles millions of years ago. However, these hypotheses leave scientist to argue and rebuttal explanations that hold little ground when studied in detail.  He then explains the formation of glaciers through the eyes of biblical teaching and shows that the Bible gives us the clearest evidence for their creation that we have today. The true irony in such a beautiful look into our world given to us by our Lord and Savior is that these truths would probably be the leading explanations if they were not found in the Bible. We pray that today`s message blesses you as you grow in the faith and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Paul Kattupalli MD is a practicing physician, Christian apologist, evangelist, andphilanthropist. Didn’t Christians persecute Galileo? Do fossils contradict BiblicalCreation Account? Are there contradictions in the Bible? Does Bible suppor tslavery? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Why can’t I be agood Buddhist without becoming a Christian?.....these are some of the questions people often ask him. Paul answers these questions with compassion, conviction, tenderness, logic, historical evidence, but never closing without presenting the blessed hope of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He preaches gospel in his native Telugu language and adopted English language. His passion for Christ reaches millions through internet, tracts, books, radio waves and TV stations around the world. He runs free medical missions and orphanage work in developing nations like India and Ghana. He resides in State College, PA.

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