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Monte Browning

August 6, 2012
Monte Browning, for a period of time, held the world’s record for the largest Alaskan brown bear ever killed. Monte shot this big animal with his long bow at only 10 paces away as it passed him. He believes and shares with the youngsters in his Sunday School class that this experience was not as frightening as the experience most Christians have about saying the blessing over their food in public restaurants. He tells the story of how God got a hold of him on another bear hunt, and how he was challenged by the Holy Spirit to become a reader and a doer of God’s Word.

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An overview of the years that God’s Great Outdoors has been doing their Family Fun Fossil Hunts is how Dr. John Whitmore begins sharing in this interview. John and Gerry discuss this August event that occurs each year in Ohio, a little over an hour from The Creation Museum in the Cincinnati area. John shares about the fossils that are everywhere, and the fact that attendees of the hunt can keep what they find of these once ocean-dwelling animals.
July 30, 2012
The topic of starting with a large fortune, then getting out quick to have a small fortune, is shared by Hank Parker, Jr., relating his years in Nascar. Hank Jr. talks about growing up with a dad who loved to hunt and was also a professional bass fisherman, which developed a real love for the outdoors in his own life. Besides the outdoor TV program that the family produces, Hank Parker 3D, Hank Jr. and his wife have started an outdoor outreach ministry, Outdoor Connections, that builds relationships with people in their community.
July 23, 2012
This week’s interview starts off with a visit in Hagerstown, Maryland, as Gerry hooks up with Rick Wilson, the founder of Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. Rick tells of his early years in archery, and how the contacts he made in those days in the industry became major helpers of the ministry when it got started. Rick tells the story of how he came across a poor woman who was loading a deer into her car to feed her family. The second interview takes place 45 minutes away at Needmore Bible Church with Mike Stoner . Mike shares how his men’s group has not just been for those in the church, but was designed to reach out to all men and boys in this rural community.
July 16, 2012
Ex-Philadelphia Eagles football player, Rich Garza, is the guest visiting with Gerry. He is in the middle of a speaking blitz to middle school and high school students, as well as detention center inmates in Gerry’s home area of Ohio. Rich is just one of the pros from Sports World, a ministry that gets into school systems, where these men share their testimonies with those who attend. Rich talks about the fact that his life-long dream of becoming a pro football player, having been accomplished, revealed that it could not satisfy the God-shaped hole we all have and try to fill with something else. In his case, it included drugs and alcohol until he gave his life to Jesus Christ.
July 9, 2012
The Creation Museum is the location for this week’s program. Gerry talks with Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis. Ken talks about the book of Genesis, and the fact that God killed the first animal to use the skin as a covering after Adam and Eve had sinned. Their sin against what God had commanded has been passed down to their descendants through the years, and still effects our lives and the creation which is waiting for the return of Jesus Christ.
July 2, 2012
Gerry is joined by Mike Timlin, retired baseball pro who gained two World Series rings with the Blue Jays, and two with the Boston Red Sox. Mike reflects on his time as a pitcher, and how he is using these skills to help his son, Jake, as an assistant coach at his Christian high school. Mike also talks about relationships, having had his father leave when he was just a baby, and the importance of developing relationships with family, friends, and people who need to know the Creator God in the time that they are spending in the out-of-doors.
June 25, 2012
Thirty-year Bass Pro, Joe Thomas, is this week’s guest and talks to Gerry about how the sport has changed over the years that he has been competing. Joe also shares how his career as a Bass Pro has allowed him to become television host on two fishing shows, and now is also a co-host on a hunting show, as well. Joe talks about the struggles of being able to be a part of these three outdoor shows, the balance that he has to keep in his life, and how he works to maintain a focus on his relationship with Jesus Christ.
June 18, 2012
Gerry visits with his and Cyndi’s old friends, Charlie and Yvonne Weihrouch. On this trip, Gerry felt enough time had elapsed since this family had experienced the tragic accidental death and loss of their daughter, Megan, in a farming accident to talk about how they made it through this difficult time in their lives. The couple share about their daily chores at running a dairy farm, and the experiences that this business has had in their lives and that of their family. Being so close to the outdoors, it is no surprise that this family also enjoys the bounty of God’s great outdoors out their own back door as they also love to deer hunt together.
June 11, 2012
Doing outdoor adventures with family, his wife and children, has been the major focus in Dave Myers’ life. He began to write down and record the adventures for his family to reflect on in the future, and discovered that each of the outings seemed to have some spiritual lesson that was learned during the event. Consequently, he compiled these true stories of his outdoor experiences and put them into a book titled, “Swim Upstream”, which is what he and Gerry talk about during this interview.
June 4, 2012
A trip into the Gulf of Alaska after huge flat fish is what Gerry and Capt. Steve Button discuss on this week’s Trail to Adventure!. Halibut get so large (they can be over 300 pounds) that the big ones are referred to as “barn doors”. Capt. Steve shares about his youth, and how the outdoors kept him from getting into trouble. Plus, the fact that he became an avid trapper in Iowa, this motivated him to move to Alaska and try his hand doing the same thing in The Great Land.
May 28, 2012
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God's Great Outdoors Friends, Wonder if this is something you can send to a person the Holy Spirit places on your heart - after you watch this segment from our website and that we've placed on YouTube. Jesus Christ's blood was shed to cover our sins and allow us to be with Him for eternity! Won't you pray who you might email this link to!

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About Dean Hulce

Dean Hulce was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he spent every weekend in the woods or on the water with family and friends.  After graduation he married his highschool sweetheart Linda.  They have two boys and 5 grandchildren. 

Dean has written for several hunting and fishing magazines over the last 25 years. He has guided  hunters and fisherman as well as run hunting fishing camps from South Texas to Alaska and many states and provinces in between.  In the last 10 years Dean has written a daily devotional that goes out to thousands each day. He had published 5 devotional books, using hunting stories to bring a message to people.  He has traveled across the USA speaking to groups, spreading the gospel through outdoor experiences.

Dean has no doubt that God has prepared him his entire life for his position with God's Great Outdoors Ministry 

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