Yielding to God

November 5, 2017
A Moment of Grace with Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson

Learning to Endure

November 12, 2017

Are you in a hurry and it seems that God is not? What do you do when God's promises do not match up with your life? It is easy for Christians to become discouraged and want to give up based on our current circumstances. The final message in the series ‘The Life That Wins’ concludes by showing us how we can exercise patience alongside our faith so that we can truly be victorious and live the life than wins!

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What is grace? Why did Jesus really die? How can I live at my full potential? A Moment of Grace is the broadcast ministry of Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, aimed at helping individuals truly understand the message of Grace, and live totally fulfilled lives; free of condemnation.

About Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson

Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, D.Min., D.D., is Senior Pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church in Silver Spring, Maryland—a multicultural congregation of 2,500 members from more than 50 nations. He is the Presiding Prelate of Bethel World Outreach Ministries International—a global organization of more than 200 churches, schools, and para-church ministries with over 22,000 members in 24 nations. Through his leadership, this ministry is successfully creating a network of missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers who are effectively laboring in many nations around the world for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Johnson is the author of several books; Light For Your Journey: Essential Building Blocks for a Successful Life, Anointed for the Marketplace, This One Thing I Do, and Good-bye Worry. His blog, “A Moment of Grace” presents insightful truths on God’s love and provision through Jesus Christ, based on the Word of God and his own experiences. It is read by people in more than 109 nations.

Whether through his blog, books, or sermons, God has blessed Bishop Johnson with the ability to present His Word in a practical way that is immediately applicable! He is married to Pastor Chrys Johnson, M.A., his partner in life and ministry.

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