Absolute Truth with Juanita Price

The Indignant Believer

The spirits of this age are bully’s and giants if you will.  The same has boxed many of us into our situations, habits and lifestyles.  Instead of defeating our giants, we coexist with them or build systems to cope with them.  Some of us have even cowered to the giant of debt and are tormented and terrified at the ringing of the telephone fearful that it is a bill collector.   Listen, this is not the time for silence. Your silence has given Satan the advantage.  Everyday, even the Gospel is sustaining unrelenting blows.  But let me let you in on a little secret....The Gospel of Jesus Christ can handle it; so BRING IT ON!!!!  To that end, I pray to God that after tonight, we will break free and never ever again be held hostage by any power of darkness no matter what form it reveals itself in.
January 6, 2012
References: 1 Samuel 17:1

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