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Jan Markell

Is The Church Turning to the Left?

December 10, 2011
Jan and guests discuss the Leftward-lurch of the evangelical movement. What does immigration, climate-change, social justice, and 'no nukes' have to do with the gospel? Yet the "National Association of Evangelicals" and others have jumped on all of these bandwagons. When did evangelicals lose their salt? The NAE was created in 1942 to counter the "National Council of Churches." Yet today, there is no difference between NAE and NCC. Does this matter to you? The consequences of this are eternal yet no one seems to be objecting. You will find some of this information to be quite shocking.

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Jan talks to Pastor Skip Heitzig about his book, You Can Understand the Book of Revelation. If you want to understand the present and future, you can't ignore Revelation! The book and this program will give you a deeper appreciation for the majesty and power of Jesus; will help you know what God says about the last days; will assist you in discovering how God's plans for the future apply to you right now; and will help you be ready for Christ's return! The book of Revelation has a message for you! For everyone. And it is not all gloom and doom. Learn some of the good news found in that book as well as the last days' warnings. Visit our Web site here for Heitzig's book. www.skipheitzig.com
December 3, 2011
Jan talks to Gary Kah about the global meltdown. Progressivism and socialism are failing but the globalists are still orchestrating some of the turmoil, hoping the world will come to the brink and welcome in the one-world system. Gary and Jan discuss the downgrading of America's economy to AA+, a coming world currency, and the many issues that are leading the world into galloping globalism. What happens when America stops losing world influence and we drift towards no longer being the global leader? We have a recipe for revolution! Jan and Gary urge everyone to cling to the fact that God has this in control. Even if freedom is fading, we must trust Him.www.garykah.org
November 26, 2011
Jan's guest is Jack Kinsella. The two discuss the "lawlessness" in our land represented by the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations. Comparisons are made to the anarchy and the Jew-hatred in Germany 70 years ago since a key component of the "occupiers" is anti-Semitism. They also consider the "What Would Jesus Cut?" campaign of the religious Left. Jesus was not a Socialist although Jim Wallis & Co. want to make Him one. Does the Bible promote capitalism or Socialism? They also address the recent Vatican proclamation calling for a global economy. Visit Jack Kinsella's website at; www.omegaletter.com
November 19, 2011
This week guest host, Eric Barger, discusses the beliefs and profound influence of the New Age movement on our culture. Eric’s guest is New York Times best-selling author, Stephen Mansfield, whose new book, “Where Has Oprah Taken Us?”, details the deceptive spirituality of television personality Oprah Winfrey. How has this woman been able to seduce a huge portion of our culture today? And many believe she is a true Christian. Visit Stephen Mansfield's website at: www.mansfieldgroup.com or visit Eric Barger at www.ericbarger.com and you can find the products we carry from Eric Barger at www.olivetreeviews.org
November 12, 2011
Jan interacts with Tom McMahon of Berean Call concerning his new book, Temporal Delusion: Is the Church Destined to be Raptured or to Reign Supreme? Both the social gospel and Kingdom Now Theology propose "fix the earth" solutions but it won't work. They discuss Stearns' troubling, works-oriented Hole in the Gospel social gospel issues, C. Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation, Rick Warren's contribution to this mix, and much more. They also touch on evangelical mysticism, ancient-future heresies and other elements contributing to the delusion of today's church. Find McMahon's book at "Our Products" at our Web site. www.olivetreeviews.org
November 5, 2011
Jan hosts with guest Jim Tetlow. The two discuss--and play clips--of his new radio drama, The Coming Global Transformation. That transformation is the Rapture. The drama centers around an unbelieving couple and their life before, during, and after the Rapture. Tetlow uses a number of tools to bring out potential scenarios that may be at play during that time period such as UFOs and apparitions. When a major war breaks out in the Middle East, apathy turns to curiosity and the couple begins a serious spiritual journey. This is an outstanding witnessing tool. www.eternal-productions.org.  You can find all of Jim's products at www.olivetreeviews.org
October 29, 2011
Jan hosts with guest Kamal Saleem, former Islamic terrorist, now a believer. Their topics range from "Chrislam" in our churches (the uniting of Muslims and Christians), to our purpose in Libya, to the real reasons behind the so-called "Arab spring." They also examine the Muslim Brotherhood which is getting a pass in the Obama administration when their goal, in fact, is global Sharia Law. Kamal also gives his inspiring testimony closing out the two hours. He sounds a warning that the Islamization of America is in progress and is being encouraged by the Obama administration. The situation in Libya will likely worsen with Ghadaffi's departure as even more radical elements will take over. We will try to get Kamal's input on this in the coming weeks but no one who understands Islam is encouraged by the "Arab spring.www.koomeministries.com 
October 22, 2011
Jan plays the message given by White House correspondent Bill Koenig at Understanding the Times 2011: The White House Role in the Accelerating Final Day Events. This will be the only conference message played online before the summer of 2012. Koenig outlines how various White House occupants have destabilized America and the world thanks to their meddling in the Middle East. There are consequences when a nation attempts to divide God's land and disrupt God's people. Koenig emphasizes, however, that no administration has been as destructive as the current one and no administration has set in motion so many end-time events.  Bill Koenig  www.watch.orgThe second part of this program Eric Barger hosts and interviews ministry colleague David Benoit. They have co-authored books on the paranormal and both sound a warning about the so-called holiday known as Halloween. Avoid it at all costs. For more information on David Benoit  www.gloryministries.com
October 15, 2011
(We are conducting "Understanding the Times 2011" and are airing programming originally played on July 16, 2011.) Part 1: Jan is host both hours and deals with John Loeffler from Steel on Steel radio. Is global debt going to be the crisis the Antichrist won't let go to waste? Probably. It is unsolvable. The two consider numerous economy-related issues now that there is a clear war against the private sector and a push for a socialized America. Today's global debt cannot even be comprehended. The ship of socialized fools in Greece and other parts of Europe is sinking and America should be taking notes. We could be next. The end-time plan of God is in motion and a one-world system and currency is on the horizon. We don't know the timing. Jan and John close considering the bright side of the dark side. This is the time when the church can shine and even replace the government in caring for some in society. Will it step up to the plate and follow through or is the church too far gone? John Loeffler from Steel on Steel radio. www.steelonsteel.com We carry John Loeffler products at www.olivetreeviews.org
October 8, 2011
Jan talks first to White House correspondent Bill Koenig and then the second half of this broadcast is prophecy scholar Dr. Mark Hitchcock.Both are speakers at Understanding the Times 2011. The world won't end in 2012, but what are some potential scenarios for the new year? More tumult, wars, and financial instability are guarantees. Jan and Bill discuss George Soros and his role in the "Arab Spring" and in all things evil. Also, the Clinton Global Initiative which is a mirror to the U.N. without the Islamic favoritism. Koenig was in New York for the Palestinian state bid and reports on those events. www.watch.orgThe second half of this program is  with Eric Barger as he guest hosts and talks with Dr. Dave Reagan, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and Jan Markell. They are offering a response to the Harold Camping tragedy of May 21. They don't just dwell on the destruction of the Campings of the world because they also remind folks of the fact that a Rapture will happen some day. And a crown is waiting for those who long for His appearing. What can we know about this biblical event? All guests emphasize the importance of speaking and informing on this issue more than ever, even if one is marginalized for doing so. While Camping caused horrific destruction and was delusional, his followers took him seriously, showing the power of deception. www.ericbarger.com
October 1, 2011
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Discovering Daniel – Amir Tsarfati
This book reveals how the words, actions, and visions of the prophet Daniel can provide you with purpose and hope in today’s chaotic world, encouraging you to live with confidence in God’s supreme sovereignty and love in the time we have left on this earth.

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