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Exalting the Cross in the Gathering Darkness

April 14, 2012
Jan talks to Dr. Erwin Lutzer about the gathering darkness. Will we still exalt the cross as things get difficult? The church today is hopping on some bandwagons such as environmentalism, pop psychology, and even political activism when it needs to be shining a beacon of truth amidst the gathering storm. Jan is drawing heavily from Lutzer's book, "When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany" which you can order here. Then Jan gives commentary on the new blockbuster film, "The Hunger Games"; the Muslim Brotherhood being welcomed into the White House; Holocaust Remembrance Day which is coming up; and Jerusalem being wiped off the Israeli map by our State Department. An ominous sound byte is played of a reporter grilling a State Department rep who will not own up to this. What does this mean for America in light of Genesis 12:3? www.moodychurch.org Find Jan's uplifting book about the Holocaust here.

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Jan talks to Pastor Skip Heitzig about his book, You Can Understand the Book of Revelation. If you want to understand the present and future, you can't ignore Revelation! The book and this program will give you a deeper appreciation for the majesty and power of Jesus; will help you know what God says about the last days; will assist you in discovering how God's plans for the future apply to you right now; and will help you be ready for Christ's return! The book of Revelation has a message for you! For everyone. And it is not all gloom and doom. Learn some of the good news found in that book as well as the last days' warnings. Visit our Web site here for Heitzig's book. Learn more at www.skipheitzig.com
April 7, 2012
Jan's guest is Pastor Joseph Schimmel, producer of the cutting-edge new film, "The Submerging Church: How the Emerging Church is Drawing Multitudes Away from Biblical Christianity." The two consider many of the tentacles of this movement: Their sick doctrine of Hell, their mystical side, their Islamic sympathies, their view of eschatology, their uniting with evil, and much more. Jan plays seven revealing sound bytes of their leaders who consistently espouse heretical statements. The Emergent Church could submerge yours so you need this info! They also expose the Emergent's poster boy: Bono. Schimmel reveals Bono's sympathies for Alester Crowley, a renowned though deceased Satanist. In the audio Web bonus (see below), Jan and Joe discuss how all things "Purpose-Driven" relate to the Emergent Church. The discussion focuses on Rick Warren's PEACE Plan and on his "Daniel Plan" of 2011. Why would Warren want to unite with a movement that consistently blasphemes God? You can order the 4-hour DVD here. Learn more at www.goodfight.org
March 31, 2012
Web Audio BonusJan and Joseph Schimmel continue their discussion in this bonus for our electronic audience. How do all things "Purpose-Driven" blend with the Emergent movement? Why would a man called "America's pastor" even want to associate with the heretical statements coming from this crowd? They also re-visit the Hell issue in light of a stunning statement by Doug Pagitt on Hell played in a sound byte. This segment is 30 minutes in length.
March 30, 2012
Jan's first guest is White House correspondent Bill Koenig. Koenig feels the spring, summer, and fall ahead will feature global disruption and confusion. Their topics include Israel's Iran burden, Obama and Israel, Campaign 2012, and much more. Jan's second guest is Pastor Gary Gilley. The topic is "Spiritual Formation." What is it and why is it unbiblical and dangerous? Who are the leaders of this unsound movement? It is mystical and presents ways to get closer to God that are ungodly! Yet many churches today have a Director of Spiritual Formation. Do they even know what they represent? Koenig was a speaker at Understanding the Times 2011 and again this October. www.watch.org and www.SVchapel.org
March 24, 2012
Jan hosts and talks to guest T.A. (Tom) McMahon about his book, "Temporal Delusion: Is the Church Destined to be Raptured or to Reign Supreme?" At this very moment, millions of professing Christians are joining with millions of other "believers" to promote peace and reconciliation across the country and around the globe. These pragmatic churches and organizations are uniting for the ecumenical "common good" to eliminate poverty, eradicate disease, and save the earth from political and environmental disaster -- all in the name of advancing "God's kingdom on earth." But are all of these good works derived from a biblical blueprint for humanity? Or are these well-meaning workers building a house on foundations of sand? Your church may very well be among them. Olive Tree carries the book and it is found here. For more info on McMahon, visit www.thebereancall.org.
March 17, 2012
Jan interviews a number of guests with her co-hosts Eric Barger and Jill Martin Rische. The topic is the Wycliffe Bible translation controversy. Is there now a Muslim-friendly Bible? Wycliffe is accused by missionaries and other critics of defending something deceptive. Jan talks to Wycliffe VP Russ Herssman in the first half hour but also some critics. They include Georges Housnney of Biblical Missiology and David Irvine who pulled out of Wycliffe over the issue of removing "Son" and "Father" in the Bible. A third guest is Emily Belz of World Magazine who has provided cutting-edge information on this story. Are the accusations off-base or have some actions been taken that are in the best interest of Muslims? Has postmodern, Emergent influence now entered the world of para-church minstry? Other organizations in the effort are Summer Institute of Linguistics and Frontiers. To sign a petition against these actions, visit www.biblicalmissiology.org  For info written by Emily Belz, visit www.worldmag.com To reach co-host Eric Barger, visit www.ericbarger.com To reach co-host Jill Martin Rische, visit www.waltermartin.com To read Wycliffe's response, go to www.wycliffe.org We have inlcuded an extra 37 minutes on this topic in a web bonus. See below. Click here for the AUDIO WEB BONUS Jan, Jill and Eric Barger continue their discussion and interviews in this Web-only bonus. You can listen to the "audio web bonus" listed below in the archives on your computer or your mobile device. You can hear David Irvine and Emily Belz in this electronic extra. These bonus segments are not heard on the radio.Please consider signing up for the podcast of Understanding the Times radio and it will be sent to you as a RSS feed automatically every week. 
March 10, 2012
Jan, Jill and Eric Barger continue their discussion and interviews in this Web-only bonus. You can listen here or on your mobile device. You can hear David Irvine and Emily Belz in this electronic extra. These bonus segments are not heard on the radio.
March 9, 2012
Jan hosts and talks to John McTernan about the shameful "Christ at the Checkpoint" conference going in in a few days in Bethlehem, Israel. According to this bunch of religious Left leaders, Jesus lived and ministered in "occupied territory." Israel has no right to the land and the Israelis are brutal occupiers who stole Arab land. Jan plays a half-dozen sound bytes of the attendees to show how radical they are and how out-of-balance -- and out of touch -- their conference is. Conference organizers say it is all about peace, justice, and reconciliation, but it is really about calling Israelis Nazis and calling Christian Zionists racists. Conference organizers include Tony Campolo, Lynne Hybels, Shane Clairborne, Vicar Stephen Sizer, and many more. Sizer is the most troubling as he is known to be a friend to terrorists and a bitter foe of Israel. www.johnmcternansinsights.blogspot.com
March 3, 2012
Jan's guest is author and evangelist Ray Comfort. In Ray's new book, "Hitler, God, and the Bible," he reveals how Adolph Hitler used the Bible to undermine a nation. Most Germans were members of a church, yet eventually they would have no trouble singing hymns as well as Nazi songs. They would swear oaths to Hitler and forget God. This was possible only because the church in that era was riddled with apostasy. Germans, therefore, looked to Hitler for divine truth, more than God. Germany had a "remnant church" led by Bonhoeffer, Niemoller, Barth, and others, and most, though not all, perished. Jan brings out elements of her own classic book, "Trapped in Hitler's Hell." Ray then makes a comparison of the Nazi Holocaust and the holocaust of babies today. He references his hit DVD, "180." Find Jan's book here. Today's apostasy-riddled church in the West should learn the lessons of the German church. Learn more at www.livingwaters.com.
February 25, 2012
Jan's guest is Dr. Mark Hitchcock, scholar, pastor, and author on prophecy and Middle East-related issues. They discuss America's role in the Middle East and prophecy, the Arab spring, The Psalm 83 war, the Isaiah 17 passage, Gog and Magog, and much, much more. There is a coming conflict in the Middle East that is imminent. Iran is striking out at Israel and Israel may be launching strikes against Iranian scientists within Iran. Where is this leading? When might this culminate in a catastrophe? And the wild card is what role America will play. We include an online bonus audio of 25 extra minutes for this program, above and beyond our radio broadcast. See below. To find Mark's book, go here. Mark is one of our "Understanding the Times 2012" speakers. To learn more, visit www.marklhitchcock.com.
February 18, 2012
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