Devotionals by Raul Ries

WEDNESDAY September 19, 2018

A Godly Wife

Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house,
your children like olive plants all around your table.

Psalm 128:3

Elkanah’s wife Hannah had no haughtiness in her life. She was a godly woman who recognized the power of God in her life with humility and simplicity. Can you imagine what it was like when God revealed to her heart how He was going to use her son Samuel in ministry?  

Imagine what it would be like if God spoke to your heart as a father or a mother, saying, “I am going to use your children in the ministry.”  I have looked at my boys and wondered how God was going to use their lives.  In fact, I see some of the fruit of what He is doing already. Then I think about my grandchildren and, if the Lord tarries, my great grandchildren, How many of them are going to follow in the footsteps of the ministry?

Sometimes we have the concept that our children have to be pastors, assistant pastors, elders or deacons. We should never try to make them into clones of ourselves. One day the Lord spoke to my heart about my children, saying, “They do not have to be pastors; they can be used in ministry, in business, or in any profession where I send them.” I believe with all my heart, the best thing we can do for our children is to be godly examples and allow God to use them just as they are––seriously.

Also, it is important for husbands to learn that their wives, like Hannah, are very important in their lives; they are their helpers. As mothers they have a duty to take care of the children in a godly way.  That does not mean your wife cannot be involved in ministry, but the home should not be neglected. It is good to be in agreement together so there is no rubbing of the elbows––friction.  Everything should flow in unity, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, in a good balance.    

Without Ruth’s partnership and encouragement over the years, my own work would have been impossible. We were called by God as a team.
~Billy Graham~

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