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Lasting Love
LASTING LOVE can be a dream come true. Yet love requires more than a dream or those loving feelings we so much desire.Lasting Love, Chuck and Kathie Crismier, celebrating their Golden Anniversary, unveil seven enduring secrets that will inspire and strengthen your marriage as it has theirs. COPY and PASTE this link to WATCH the TRAILER:
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Listen Live Weekdays! 4:05-5:00PM EST
Listen live weekdays from 4-5PM EST to a new breed of Christian talk show moving "from information to transformation." Chuck Crismier, veteran attorney, author, and pastor, is president of Save America Ministries. Chuck has an amazing ability to probe below the surface and deal with issues that few dare to touch - matters of the heart that reach into our homes from the Church House to the White House. It's powerful; It's dialogue that demands decision!
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Lasting Love - Trailer Video
Watch the trailer for Lasting Love. 
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Hearts of the Fathers
Leaving a Legacy That Lasts!  There is a fatherhood crisis in America.  Indeed, a serious “father problem” is at the core of nearly all social ills facing America today.  Because fatherhood lies at the very root of a righteous relationship with the Creator Himself, the enemy of our souls desperately seeks to destroy that relationship.  This book provides a “binocular” view of God’s Word, exposing the deception all around us and illuminating the Heavenly Father’s perfect prescription for both a temporal and eternal legacy.
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A New Breed of Christian Talk Show moving "from information to transformation," Chuck Crismier, veteran attorney, author, and pastor, has an amazing ability to probe below the surface and deal with issues that few dare to touch. It's dialogue that demands decision. It's 'Viewpoint' from Save America Ministries!

About Chuck Crismier

Pastor Chuck Crismier began his career as a public school teacher from 1967 to 1975. He then served as a Civil Private Practice attorney from 1975 to 1994 while at the same time pastoring a church from 1987 to the present. Chuck has authored several books most recently including “Out of Egypt” (2006), “The Power of Hospitality” (2005) and “Renewing the Soul of America” (2002). He founded Save American Ministries in 1993 earning him the Valley Forge Freedom Foundation Award for significant contribution to the cause of Faith and Freedom.

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