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Taken Out

January 27, 2019

God desires a close relationship with each of us, yet there must always remain an awe and respect for Him. If we do not respect God and obey what He calls us to do, we risk our heart becoming hardened and God taking us out because we are no good to Him with a hard heart. We must hear God’s voice in our lives and be receptive to respectfully obey His call.

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It’s easy to fall into believing the lie that because of our past God can’t use us. However, there are several characters in the Bible that God chose to use despite their shortcomings. God has specifically chosen each of us to be used for His work, and He will equip us with all we need to accomplish it.
January 25, 2019
The Bible tells us that when we become a believer in Christ that we are supposed to go public by the first act of obedience through baptism. After that we need to openly share the Gospel with those around us, not only by living a certain way so that they can see but also by using words to tell them about Christ.
January 24, 2019
God uses circumstances and other people sometimes to prick our hearts and correct our behavior. When we see others who love the Lord struggling in their actions or relationship with God, we can disciple them and encourage them to change and get back in line in seeking the Lord whole-heartedly.
January 23, 2019
Christianity is not just about getting a ticket to Heaven and then going on about our lives. God calls us to obedience, and the first step to obedience is baptism. It may not make sense to us, and it may look weird to the world, but when God calls us to do something we must obey immediately.
January 22, 2019
When you make the decision to follow Jesus you are called to love others in such a way that is noticeably due to God’s work in your life. When those outside the Church look at Christians they need to see God working in us and through us by the way we love one another.
January 21, 2019
Although a child can be the result of sin that takes place outside of marriage, that child is never a mistake. Jesus was a child given to Mary by God outside of her marriage and He became the sacrifice that was needed to make us God’s children whom He loves. 
January 20, 2019
The devil is out to destroy all life, both physical and spiritual. We must take a stand for those who are not able to fight for their own ability to be physically born. We must also be born spiritually so that we can have abundant life that God offers and plant seeds in others to help them be born into this spiritual life as well.
January 18, 2019
When we have a relationship with God, it goes with us in our daily lives, and we are called to act on that relationship in ways that help others. Any religions acts that someone does apart from Christ are a waste of time.
January 17, 2019
The kind of real relationships with people who will sharpen us is hard to find and we cannot find those relationships until we have a relationship with God. In the same way, we won’t be able to truly love others as we love ourselves until we’ve experience the love that God has for us.
January 16, 2019
God offers us complete peace in our lives, our relationship with Him and our relationships with others. Instead of settling for less anxiety, we can access total peace in our lives through Jesus Christ.
January 15, 2019
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Richard grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil, coming back to the states to finish his education. He graduated from Baylor University in 1982 with a BA in Oral Communications, and earned his MDIV in 1985 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, making him the sixth generation of pastors in his family. His early days of ministry included serving for three years as the Single Adults Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Dallas.

Then in 1997, Richard Ellis founded Reunion Church, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, non-denominational church in the heart of Dallas,Texas. Dallas needed a church like it. And it would need a pastor like Richard. So Reunion Church was born. And now the radio show and the website ( join the Reunion Church community under the leadership of this guy. And we’re all the better for it!

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