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Keep the Change

August 26, 2010
What happens to those who once had God’s grace applied to their life but have since turned and ran far away from him? Are they still saved? Can they be brought back? The steep price that was paid for our salvation is not something to be taken for granted, taken lightly, or even to be trampled upon. The goal of every believer should be that once grace has been given to us is that we keep the change.

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Will Do
August 25, 2010
Hard Core
August 24, 2010
Pure Sin
August 23, 2010
The Bible says that it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment. But none of us know exactly the when this will happen. That’s why we need to make sure our house is in order so we are fully ready for that day, or the day when He comes back for us. And speaking of that, from out of the blue sky, He will come in the clouds for those who are looking for his appearing. Are you looking? Are you ready?
August 22, 2010
In the Old Testament, the Israelites became quick to run away from the guidance and protection of God, always looking at what they could see and not what they knew God to be. The same happened in the New Testament as even Jesus disciples ran away in the Garden of Gethsemane. And now here we are, the same fickle bunch who find it easier to swim in the shallow end than to trust God completely for everything in our lives.
August 20, 2010
Tongue Tied
August 19, 2010
No Show
August 18, 2010
In the movie, We Are Soldiers, there is a scene toward the end when the team on the ground sends out a message of “Broken Arrow” – which meant that they were surrounded and taking on heavy casualties. This message intended for the armed forces to send in all of the ammo and bombs to take out the entire area, which also meant that they, too, would incur great loss. As Christians, there are times when we need to cry out for all of God’s armies to come in to our rescue because the enemies forces are too great upon us.
August 17, 2010
Staying Power
August 16, 2010
Out of the Ordinary
August 15, 2010
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Let Us Pray For You!
We're not meant to go through our challenges of life alone, so we'd love to pray for you! Go to our Prayer Wall and click on "About Prayer"

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The reason this radio show exists, is to share Richard's talks about a God who is alive. A God who loves you. A God who wants to give you hope and a future. Hear Richard talk. Feel God. And if you'd ever want to find out more about who God is, and how to get to know Him a little better, we'd love to connect with you, at, or call us anytime at 855-6-RICHARD. Of course, Richard and his team would love to stay in contact with you on all the social media platforms. Just search for "Talk With Richard" so we can keep the conversation going!

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Authentic... Genuine... Sincere... This guy is the real deal. He loves God. He loves his wife Rebecca and his 3 daughters. He loves people. He loves his job. He loves Texas BBQ. He loves an occasional round of golf. And he loves the Dallas Cowboys (but don’t hold that against him!).

Richard grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil, coming back to the states to finish his education. He graduated from Baylor University in 1982 with a BA in Oral Communications, and earned his MDIV in 1985 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, making him the sixth generation of pastors in his family. His early days of ministry included serving for three years as the Single Adults Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Dallas.

Then in 1997, Richard Ellis founded Reunion Church, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, non-denominational church in the heart of Dallas,Texas. Dallas needed a church like it. And it would need a pastor like Richard. So Reunion Church was born. And now the radio show and the website ( join the Reunion Church community under the leadership of this guy. And we’re all the better for it!

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