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Devotionals by Dale O'Shields

Changing Destiny

Destiny is an important thing. It speaks of the future. It is where we end up in life in terms of our character and contribution.

Our choices determine our destiny. Where we end up in life is simply a result of the roads we take. The pathways we take not only determine our destiny, they also impact the destiny of others also.

In the Old Testament book of Esther we find the story of a man who made wise choices — choices that not only led him to a great destiny, but positively affected the destiny of many others, in fact, of a whole nation.

The man’s name is Mordecai. We could talk about several key decisions this man made, but let’s focus on one.

At some point in Mordecai’s life his extended family faced a crisis. An uncle and aunt died leaving behind a young girl named Hadassah. We know her as Esther. This young lady was left an orphan, with no one to care for her. Mordecai made a decision. He chose to take the responsibility for raising his cousin, Esther. He became a father to her. He invested in her life, providing for her needs and giving her the spiritual covering she desperately needed.

When he made this decision Mordecai could not have imagined how significant it was. Under Mordecai’s tutelage and care, Esther grew up and ultimately became the Queen of Persia. Through her divine placement, she helped save the Jewish people from horrible pain and destruction.

Mordecai’s decision to care for Esther changed her destiny, Mordecai’s destiny and the destiny of God’s people. His one wise and compassionate choice led to events that are still being celebrated today!

Remember, our destiny and the destiny of others around us are being fashioned one decision at a time. Let’s ask God to help us continually make good, wise and compassionate choices.

Dale O'Shields

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About Practical Living

As it has for over a decade, our weekly 30 minute radio broadcast continues to provide fresh, contemporary insights into Christ's teachings. Tune in and "get practical" in your walk with the Lord!

About Dale O'Shields

Dale O’Shields is the founding and Senior Pastor of Church of the Redeemer, a multi-cultural church that operates four campuses in Maryland, just north of the greater Washington, DC area.

Dale O’Shields is known for his relevant teaching style focused on practical application in people’s lives. His messages are regularly broadcast on radio and television. He is also the author of several books, devotionals and group study guides.

Dale O’Shields is a frequent conference speaker with a passion for leadership development and church growth. He has served as the Senior Pastor of a thriving local church for over 25 years. His heart to equip and encourage pastors and church leaders has led him to be a key founder of United Pastors Network.

Dale O’Shields has been involved in pastoral ministry since 1978, serving previously as Director of Campus Ministries and as an adjunct instructor at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. He and his wife Terry have two married daughters and seven grandchildren.

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