Psalm 78


I’m concerned—not just about America today, but America tomorrow and the generation to come. We’re in great danger. How much longer we will survive? For many years America has been #1 economically, but that could change on a dime. What will America be like ten, fifteen, twenty years from now if Jesus hasn’t returned by then? I’d rather leave our children a legacy of great godly principles than great wealth, squandered in a godless society.


Psalm 78 expresses that same cry for the generation of tomorrow: “We know our history—all God has done for us. We’ll tell our children so “the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born, who should arise and declare them to their generation” (Psalm 78:7).


The American dream was placed into the hearts of our Founding Fathers by Almighty God. America didn’t just happen. It was the gift of God. But that dream is becoming a nightmare. What legacy are we going to leave?


Today’s America strikingly parallels Old Testament Israel. Psalm 78 gives a reality check—three truths we must follow if we’re to survive.


1. Review our history (Psalm 78:4-6) 


Satan wants to separate us from our heritage. But God’s assignment is to look back, see what God has done, and teach our children their history. If we fail, we’re one generation away from paganism. Revisionists are erasing America’s history or rewriting it, teaching Hollywood’s values. God is ridiculed, mocked and called out of bounds for this generation. Our children’s teachers, friends, TV, the media, will teach them, and it won’t be what God says. What about the generation to come? What about their children?


Fathers, God holds you responsible to pass America’s spiritual legacy from father to child in a chain reaction. Our Founding documents are chock-full of references to God; the Bible as the underpinnings of our republic. But how will our children know this? They aren’t getting it in school. Where will they learn, if not from you?


Every family should also write down its own spiritual history. Each child should know his or her own individual history. When your child comes to accept Christ, help them write it down and rejoice over it.


2. Renew our memory (Psalm 78:7)


America suffers from spiritual amnesia. How easy it is to forget the blessings of Almighty God. We break God’s heart by forgetting Him.


Rather than thanking Him for His blessings, America provokes God by breaking His law, reeling in drunkenness, rotting in sin. Israel limited God in their national life. America does the same. In our schools the Ten Commandments are out, sex ed is in. Chastity is out; birth control is in. Prayer is out; metal detectors are in. We’ve forgotten the one true God who founded our nation. Now we’re worshipping false gods. Israel went so far as to sacrifice their children to the demon god, Molech. In America abortion is a blood sacrifice to the demon gods of lust and sex. This sin angered God more than any other: idol worship laced with the murder of children. We must repent of this or face God’s wrath as Israel did.


3. Reclaim our legacy (Psalm 78:59-61) 


God became so angry, He gave His support to Israel’s enemies! Is God giving His support to our enemies? America may become a molded crust in history’s garbage bin. Not only is God our only hope, He’s our biggest threat. The nation born in 1776 must be born again or join the graveyard of nations.  


What about the generation to come? What about the America of tomorrow? What if we fail to turn to God? If enough Christians in America wake up, review their history and renew their memory, they can reclaim their legacy.


May the exhortations in God’s Word bring our repentance and obedience, so He can bless America again.


Friend, America won’t save you. America won’t get you to Heaven. It would be terrible to live in a God-blessed land, then die and go to hell. You need Jesus Christ. You need to be saved. If we need God in America, how much more do you need God in your heart?


Dear God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that You love me and want to save me. Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God, who died on the cross to pay for my sins. I believe God raised You from the dead. I now turn from my sin and, by faith, receive You into my life as my personal Lord and Savior. Come into my heart, forgive my sins, and save me, Lord Jesus. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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