Daniel Chapter 9


We’re at a point in history where we must pray for revival. We dare not be lackadaisical. Only serious commitment in prayer can hold back God’s judgment on the floodtide of sin and release His cleansing, healing hand. Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, “One day soon, if we do not change, we’ll wake up to find the America we once knew is gone.”


Have we crossed a deadline? Is it too late?


No. God is righteous and holy but also merciful, longing to forgive. He would rather show mercy than judgment. If we repent and seek His face, He will turn from the judgment He planned (Jeremiah 18:7-8).


But without a nationwide moral and spiritual revival, there is no hope.


One of the best examples of deliverance and revival among God’s people is what happened when Daniel, a high government official in Babylon, prayed for his homeland, Israel, when Babylon had taken Israel captive. America, our God-blessed nation, is captive to the world, the flesh, and the devil. Daniel shows us how to pray in such dire circumstances.


Pray with Serious Concentration


Daniel’s prayer of faith and fervency moved God to hear and answer (Daniel 9:3-19).

God’s people, His Church, should repent first, for judgment begins at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17). Repent from what? “Playing church,” praying without fasting, witnessing without tears, giving without sacrifice. We cannot pray ordinary prayers, but prayers that touch His heart.


The hour is desperate. Wake up and commit to serious praying with faith and fervency. How serious is “serious”? It must be prayer and fasting.


What is fasting?

Fasting isn’t merely going without food, dieting, or limiting eating for health reasons. Fasting is going without food, water, or other pleasures for a spiritual purpose.


Why do we fast?

Not to polish our spiritual image to “look “holy,” but as unto the Lord (Matthew 6:17-18). 


What can fasting do?

Fasting notifies Heaven you’re earnest about seeking Him with all your heart. Fasting strengthens your prayer life, turns you to God, brings faith into focus, and holds back God’s judgment. America is ripe for judgment, but if we fast and pray, God will withhold the judgment we deserve.


How should we fast?

Prayerfully choose your fast. Fasting can be going without food, but it can also be going without other pleasures for a spiritual purpose. If you’re sick, on medication, or pregnant, talk to your doctor first. There’s no legalism in fasting—the purpose is to focus your full attention on the issue you’re laying before God. The time you’d have spent eating will now be spent in focused prayer.


If you have never fasted, a one-day fast is a good beginning. Choose a day when your activities are light, so you can give your time to prayer. Plan your fast ahead of time. Remember to fast as God instructed: don’t boast or brag about it.


Pray with Steadfast Confidence


When we see both God’s greatness and His mercy, we can pray with confidence (Daniel 9:4,9). He is holy and righteous; He could have rejected us because of our sin, but in His great love, He reaches out with mercy.


Pray with Sincere Confession



Just as sin brings judgment, confession brings forgiveness. Daniel confessed both his personal sin and the sin of his nation (Daniel 9:4-7, 20). If we want our nation to turn to God, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ must go individually before God and confess personal sin (1 John 1:9).



Daniel humbly identified himself with his nation and asked God to have mercy, even though Daniel himself had lived a godly life. Identify with your nation and do this. Wicked people aren’t going to pray for themselves.


What do we confess? Our greed, pride, materialism, neglect of the poor, racism, sexual immorality, mercilessly killing unborn babies, and the godless humanism rampant in our schools. No sin is beyond God’s forgiveness. The blood of Jesus covers them all.


Pray with Spiritual Concern


No nation ever had such a Christian beginning as America, but now we’re turning from our faith, and our freedoms are slipping away! Pray intently that people will seek His face and He will remove our guilt (Daniel 9:16). Pray for the restoration of His glory (Daniel 9:17-19). For our multitude of sins, He has a multitude of mercy


Prayer is our greatest resource. God is our only hope. Only prayer can hold back judgment and release HIs cleansing hand. If you’ve been caught up in this world’s toys and trivialities, pride and pleasure, without a heart inclined to prayer, ask God to give you one. Will you pray?