January 1, 2010

There's growing concern about the deal-making in the U.S. Senate over health care reform. Specifically there are concerns about Senate Majority Leader Reid giving an unprecedented financial deal to Nebraska — to secure Sen. Ben Nelson's vote for the health care bill. Federal taxpayers will pay hundreds of millions of dollars to cover Medicaid expansion costs for the state of Nebraska in perpetuity — a deal not given to any other state.

Even Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is expressing his concerns saying he wants his state's attorney general to look at the deal-making. He wants South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster to review how Sen. Nelson was able to spare his state higher Medicaid costs as the Democrat held out for perks for his state in the mammoth bill.

We've examined this issue and believe it raises substantial constitutional issues. You can read our legal analysis here.

We believe at the very least, the Senate must clearly state the sufficient government interest that necessitates this special treatment of Nebraska, beyond just the buying of the last needed vote.

Absent such demonstration, the constitutional equal protection concern hangs like a dark storm cloud.

There's still time to voice your opposition on this Senate health care bill. Add your name to our petition now.