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January 4, 2021
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On this week's Trail to Adventure! Gerry‘s in Bemidji, Minnesota to speak at a men’s ministry event hosted by the radio station, Your QFM and BAMM. (Bemidji Area Men’s Ministry) While there in the area he connected with Kent Fraser. He’d met Kent at a mission’s conference in Ohio in the mid 90s. Kent and his wife Kim had come to speak at Gerry’s church as they’d just starting to minister to Native Americans in Edmonton, Alberta. During that encounter the two men somehow discovered they’d both lived in Maryland and had another connection too. Gerry’s high school photography teacher later became Kent’s principal, when Mr. Bill Russell changed schools. The connections continued as Kent now travels to capture radio interviews across North America for a radio program like Gerry does. Kent works with a ministry called “Without Reservation.” The ministries radio show is titled, THE STORY TELLER, as Native Americans share their life’s story on the program of how Jesus Christ saved them by HIS blood on the cross! Kent also relates the mercy and grace God showed his family in a plane crash on their travels!

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About Gerry Caillouet

Gerry Caillouet was born the 21st of April 1955 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The family were members of a church that sadly emphasized good works at the expense of grace. This perpetrated Gerry's youthful rebellion against the things of God - until later in life, when his first son was born.

The two most memorable years of Gerry's childhood were spent living on his grandparents farm in upstate New York. Gerry's father instructed him in firearm safety, archery and fly fishing. Gerry spent summers visiting his older sister in the upper peninsula of Michigan. All this stirred a desire for adventure in the outdoors.

After finishing high school, Gerry joined the Marine Corps for adventure. There his rebellion increased. He occasionally dropped in on church, but had no interest in knowing God.

When his tour of duty over in 1976, Gerry and Cyndi were married. To their joy, they had their first son, Courtney. But the young marriage was in trouble. The couple stayed together for their child's sake.

Finally, a co-worker of Gerry's shared about a father's responsibility to care for his children's spiritual well-being in addition to the physical needs. Gerry, feeling condemned by how he had lived - and not understanding God's unconditional love and grace, was sure he would go to Hell when he died. But Gerry did not want his son to make the same mistakes and then to suffer the same fate. So, Gerry began to seek the truth, and he eventually accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1978! Within two weeks his wife Cyndi received the Lord also! Soon their daughter Katie was born, then two years later their second son, Clinton was born. Praise the Lord for this Christian family!

God turned Gerry's love of the outdoors and of adventure in to a ministry that reaches out to unsaved men, women, and children that share these interests. Gerry hosts and produces this nationally syndicated Christian radio program, and Cyndi is the Director of Operations.

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