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A case for Christian camping

February 6, 2023

On this weeks Trail To Adventure we’ll hear a story of a hunter’s biggest archery buck, then that same hunter will share the importance of youth ministry and Christian camping.  You won’t want to miss this week's show… it’s bound to be a keeper.

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On this week’s Trail to Adventure we get to know Pastor Ryan Flunker as we tell the story of his harvest of a great Pope and Young trophy buck.  Pastor Ryan will talk about his calling into missions work and then back home to a local church here in the UP of Michigan.  You won’t want to miss the exciting and sometime hilarious story of how Pastor Ryan takes the biggest buck he’s ever seen.
January 30, 2023
Join us this week as we visit with long-time friend of God’s Great Outdoors and board member Arnie Wolf and His wife Dee.We learn about the Canadian fishing camp that Arnie and Dee have, Rushing Wind.
January 23, 2023
Hunters have a strong and strange attraction for antlers.  They will spend a lot or money and travel long distances to see and aquire antlers.  This week we learn about antler collecting from a man that has collected them for decades and we learn how the quest for large antlers and record book entries brought him to a relationship with Jesus Christ
January 16, 2023
A fond farewell is given to Gerry as we share memories and tributes as well testimonies of all that Gerry and Cyndi did over the last 26 to make God's Great Outdoors what it is today.   We'll even share a little history that many might not know of how God lead Gerry down the Trail To Adventure radio.
January 9, 2023
Dean Hulce, New GGO Radio show host, share his background, his calling and where he sees the future for God's Great Outdoors.
January 2, 2023
On this Trail To Adventure! Dr. Tom Rakow, the founder of The Christian Deer Hunters Association and Gerry visit together discussing the numerous outdoor ministries that have come about over the years. The idea is to provide Christians looking to reach others who enjoy time in God's creation with the tools to aid in the ability to help win them to receive Jesus Christ as their Creator God. Tom shares about how The Christian Deer Hunters Association got started and how he never expected it to be what it is today. Tom also tells how he began writing books, and today despite the fact that he flunked English several times in school, with his family’s aid he has written a number of books that are helping Christians reach out to their unsaved friends and relatives with true stories on fishing and hunting.
December 26, 2022
The topic on this week’s Trail To Adventure! is on Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Gerry visits with Billy (Catfish) Parker and his wife Laura at the C’Meer Deer booth during the annual Archery Trade Assn. Show that was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in February of 2015. Both of these outdoor recreationalists share stories of the adventures and the battle that is encountered by a tiny insect at least eight months of the year. Ticks! Laura has been infected with both Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but early detection helped in her treatment being a quick ordeal. Billy however, went a number of years before his Lyme Disease was discovered causing extended and daily treatments that lasted many months. Their hope is as they tell this story; is it will help keep others from having to go through the same mess they experienced!
December 19, 2022
On the Trail To Adventure! photographing mountains, fields, streams, seashores, and much more is the topic with this week's guest Dr. Charles Stanley. Dr. Stanley shares how he got involved in photography to include even developing all of his own photographs which are featured on just about all of the In Touch Ministry's items available to the public. He tells how awestruck he is by God's creation and by the memories surrounding the photos. Dr. Stanley also tells of his early years of fishing, hunting, and shooting, but how the absence of a father in his life to do these things with were clearly remembered in later years when he was a man. He offers to the audience that they may not think that taking a youngster fishing that has no father figure is a big deal, but he assures them that it is and how it can leave a lasting impact for eternity.
December 12, 2022
On this week’s Trail To Adventure! Gerry is visiting with Dr. Richard Swenson in Wisconsin and the two are talking about Intelligent Design. The truth is there is more of a chance mathematically that your car happened by accident over hundreds of millions of years, then just your eyeballs having evolved and how they work with your entire body? This is just one of the things that Dr. Richard Swenson shares in the interview with Gerry as they discuss this topic and Dr. Swenson’s book, “More Than Meets the Eye”. Having taught surgery at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, and having minored in physics, this interview is jam-packed with information that declares that we have a Creator God. Perhaps the most listened to interview aired by GGO in the 20+ years we’ve been broadcasting.
December 5, 2022
This week’s Trail To Adventure! has Gerry at one of the conferences GGO does across the country teaching “How To” do outdoor outreach ministry. The author of the tract "Up in Smoke," Bob Hodgdon, tells the story of how his dad's business, Hodgdon Powder, had its beginnings after World War II. Bob shares a funny story "now," of how as a 10 year old boy he almost blew up their house; his parents didn't find out about this until a family reunion 35 years later. Bob relates what a reader would see in the tract of how an explosion at one of their factories and four funerals for Christians, who were killed at that tragedy, brought him to receive Jesus Christ. It was during these funeral services and seeing how the men being buried, their family and friends, though sorrowful, rejoiced and celebrated their homecomings in Heaven. Bob didn't know what they had or what was different about them, but he just knew he had to have it too.
November 28, 2022
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Gerry Caillouet 2 - True Stories
God's Great Outdoors Friends, Wonder if this is something you can send to a person the Holy Spirit places on your heart - after you watch this segment from our website and that we've placed on YouTube. Jesus Christ's blood was shed to cover our sins and allow us to be with Him for eternity! Won't you pray who you might email this link to!

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Join us on The Trail to Adventure a weekly 25-minute radio program that takes you on the journey to meet with well-known Christians who enjoy the outdoors.

About Dean Hulce

Dean Hulce was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he spent every weekend in the woods or on the water with family and friends.  After graduation he married his highschool sweetheart Linda.  They have two boys and 5 grandchildren. 

Dean has written for several hunting and fishing magazines over the last 25 years. He has guided  hunters and fisherman as well as run hunting fishing camps from South Texas to Alaska and many states and provinces in between.  In the last 10 years Dean has written a daily devotional that goes out to thousands each day. He had published 5 devotional books, using hunting stories to bring a message to people.  He has traveled across the USA speaking to groups, spreading the gospel through outdoor experiences.

Dean has no doubt that God has prepared him his entire life for his position with God's Great Outdoors Ministry 

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