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Like 9/11 changed America, Hurricane Dorian changed the Bahamas - How you can help rebuild 2 Bahamian churches right now

January 17, 2020
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Guest host Adam McManus talks with Kevin Swanson and Pastor Norris Bain of Tabernacle Baptist Church in the Bahamas about the week-long effort that the Generations team of 12 volunteers are a part of as they replace dry wall and patch the roofs of Freeport Gospel Chapel and Tabernacle Baptist. Pastor Bain said, “Like 9/11 changed the United States forever, Hurricane Dorian changed the Bahamas forever.” Their church, located 15 miles inland from the Atlantic coast, was soaked by 5 feet of water, requiring that they gut everything, replace all the electrical outlets, drywall, furniture, and computers. The damage will cost $250,000. Plus, the hurricane dropped five 40-foot-long boats in their neighborhood.

Thanks to the funding of 150,000 pounds of dry wall and roofing materials from Generations listeners and the volunteer labor of Kevin’s team, the Bahamian church is receiving desperately needed help. Pastor Bain said, “A thousand tongues could not say thank you enough to Generations for what they are doing here on the island of Grand Bahama. There is not enough paper for us to write ‘thank you’ to this ministry for what they have done and how they are impacting our church. It’s just unbelievable! We are forever grateful.”

Kevin said, “Everyone on our team would say this is one of the best experiences of our lives. If you are looking for a nation in crisis, if you’re looking for a church that needs help, this would be one of the best opportunities in a lifetime!” If you can find a roofing expert or general contractor and a dry wall expert, and want to put a team of 6-12 people together from your church or family who will work 8 hours a day for a week or so, email The local church will provide the transportation, housing, and meals during your stay. The cost of a plane ticket from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Bahamas, 60 miles off shore, is $250. Come during the months of January, February and March before the temperatures become prohibitively hot.

Plus, if you can’t take time to volunteer to rebuild Bahamian churches, then help us raise $100,000 by February 28th to pay for tax-free building supplies at wholesale cost on-line at Select “Support International Outreach Ministry” in the drop-down window.

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