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Evolution of Evolution in "Reformed" Seminaries

April 20, 2010
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Kowtowing to the High Priests of Science
Reformed seminaries seem to have a penchant for kowtowing the gods of science. We're a little frustrated that science itself has been prostituted for the purpose of propping up a view of metaphysics that is godless and materialistic. But why do reformed professors feel the need to render their prostrations to the pseudo-scientists of evolution? In this segment of Generations, Kevin Swanson grapples with the resignation of Bruce Waltke from Reformed Theological Seminary, and the "overwhelming evidence" for evolution. Are we more likely to interpret rock layers by God's Word, or interpret God's Word by rock layers, or rather the historical guesswork of scientists concerning a few observations of stuff swimming around in rock layers? Questions like this belie an epistemological commitment.

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