I have always been a good student, and I want to go to either law school or medical school. That means I could be in my mid- or late-twenties by the time I graduate and get on with my life. But I also want to be a wife and mother and stay home with my children. I can't figure out how to reach both these goals. How can I be a professional and a mother, too?


You've described a dilemma that millions of young women struggle with today. Three competing choices lie before them--whether to have a career, be a wife and mother, or attempt to do both. It is a decision that will have implications for everything that is to follow.

Since you don't yet have plans to get married, I would recommend that you press ahead with your academic goals. Once your training is complete, you will still have all the options available to you. If by that time you are married and want to become a full-time mother, you can put your career on hold for a few years or leave it altogether. Remember, you can always return to it after the children are older.

Only you can decide what is best for yourself, of course. I would strongly suggest that you make it a matter of prayer as you seek the Lord's will for your life.