Yes, if you consider that it's at the local level that first affects you, your family, your business. Everything from taxes and bonds, infrastructure and services, to schools and shopping centers. It's also where state and federal laws are 'lived out'.

While the majority of Americans focus on what is happening in D.C. (and there is certainly plenty to watch and be concerned about) grassroots activists understand that it is the local level that has the greatest potential for implementing their cause. Think ACORN.

Of course, not all grassroots organizations or causes are corrupt, like ACORN. Much of the good that makes America a great nation is because of what takes place in every town and rural area across the land.

Our Founders understood this and that is why elected officials in the federal government originally only served for a very short period of time, and then they would go back to their local communities, and live and serve.

Politicians have so lost sight of this understanding. Can you imagine President Obama or Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or Senator Arlen Specter following in George Washington's steps, who as President took no salary? That's right -- zero, zip, nothing. He didn't think one should get paid for serving their country. What a concept.

Well, though things have changed dramatically on many front of American government, the local level still represents great potential for implementing the will of the people. And we talk about that on today's show with a young man who understands this and has thrown his hat in the ring to make a difference and give back to the community he calls home.

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