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Sharon Hughes

Time to Prepare - For the New World Order

September 11, 2023
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Globalism (aka New World Order) is already underway, promoted as good for nations and individuals. But it is not. Alliances such as between China, Russia and Iran forming against America, are a looming threat, but also global institutions such as the WEF (World Economic Forum) and their 'Great Reset' are against nationalism and for global government, are also eminent threats, not just governmentally, but morally. The agenda is anti-God, anti-people, anti-family, population control (elimination) and is gaining power right before our eyes, even if we don't see it. Be informed so you can be prepared for what's you won't be deceived or scared.

References: Revelation 13:16-18

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About Sharon Hughes

Sharon Hughes is the Founder and President of The Center for Changing Worldviews, and 15+ year Investigative Journalist and Talk Radio Host. Saying it like it is on the most critical issues of our day to conferences, on television, and on the radio interviewing well-known authors and film producers, public policy and pro-family experts, and government and religious leaders, Sharon's column has also been published in print media and on numerous online news sites.


In addition, Sharon is the Founder of Relationships Seminars, Co-Leader of Women In Christ, an outreach to women, and Bible Teacher. She has served in various capacities in her church, on community and state boards, and has been the recipient of several Leadership Awards. A wife, mother, and now grandmother, Sharon loves to cook and fly fish with her husband, Duane.

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