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  • September 17, 2017
    3479 Marcie Hudgins: (Health, Heartbreak, Evangelism): In the midlands of South Carolina, Marcie is born into a family who teaches her to love the Lord. She is an all-star student, athlete, musician and devoted believer. But when her health starts to fail, Marcie must stay home from school and find her comfort in God. A broken engagement calls everything into question, including her salvation. But through her family and community of faith, God heals her heart. Her body, though, suffers a great deal of pain throughout her lifetime. But she finds a soul mate to share her life with and is used by God to minister to church members experiencing their own health challenges.
  • September 10, 2017
    3478 Paul Anderson Classic: (World’s Strongest Man): As a five year old, he nearly died due to the weakness of disease. In time, that weakness was replaced by strength, as he became known as the “world’s strongest man.” But Paul Anderson realized that without Christ, he was weak. Rather than pursuing a career in professional weightlifting, Paul chose to spend his life serving others, founding the Paul Anderson Youth Home in 1961.
  • September 3, 2017
    3477 Laura Barnett: (Stroke Victim, Marital Struggle): Laura marries at 22 and suffers an unexpected stroke a year later. Thinking that a migraine has caused dizziness, she delays medical treatment, has seizures and is paralyzed from the nose down. Her husband stays with her but the marriage struggles. Laura regains the use of her right arm and walks with a cane but the marriage fails.
  • August 27, 2017
    3476 “Abdulredha”Classic: (Islam, Good Works): “Abdul” is born into a Muslim family in an Islamic country.  His father is a Muslim mullah and, as the eldest son, Abdul is trained for the same and to argue against Christianity.  When he wins a college scholarship to Cambridge, his parents send him to England to study and convert Christians.  During his debates, he begins to understand about Jesus and, at a baptism service he attends, he receives Christ as his savior.  When he returns to the Middle East, he faces isolation and persecution, but remains faithful to Jesus.
  • August 20, 2017
    3475 Clarence Curtis Classic: (Hypocrisy, Rejection): As an orphan, Clarence Curtis learned that his preaching skills earned him favor with adults. But it took years of hardship before he learned how to find favor with God and build a better life.
  • August 13, 2017
    3474 Robert Roane: (Pride, Religion): Robert is smugly self-assured but his conscience troubles him. While he’s in college, his parents’ divorce so he becomes an accountant with a double degree to help his mom. A fellow student gives him a Bible; he listens to Christian radio and hears
    . Robert calls the number at the end and a chaplain leads him to Christ. He marries, goes to seminary and is still in ministry.
  • August 6, 2017
    3473 Joe Ankerberg Classic: (Indifference, Anger, Violence): Joe lives a very violent early life, with one police officer predicting the boy would hang by his nineteenth birthday.  After one especially bad fight, Joe decides to try church ... just to be safe.  He is turned away from one church, and refused entrance at another.  Sneaking up a fire escape and back into the second church, he hears an evangelist speaking on Isaiah 53.  Joe is touched by the sufferings that Jesus endured for his sins and he receives Christ.  Later he becomes a forceful soul winner known as “Hallelujah Joe.”
  • July 30, 2017
    3472 “Ronnie” Part 2: (Grief, Missions, Violence) Still grieving the death of his wife, Ronnie follows a prompting from God to do ministry in the Pacific Northwest. He pastors a small mountain church and the job isn’t a great fit. When Ronnie falls in love again in seminary, he discovers a shared passion with his new wife for overseas missions. Their ministry takes them all over the world, through war-torn areas and countries that are closed to Christianity. After many years of service, they suffer from burn-out. Back home in the US they are at a prayer meeting when a shooter enters the church and killed seven people. They continue to rely on God’s faithfulness and spread His love.
  • July 23, 2017
    3471 “Ronnie” Part 1: (Grief, Addiction, Evangelism) When Ronnie’s older brother dies in a tragic accident, Ronnie’s little world falls apart. He turns his attention to cars and alcohol and winds up in jail at the age of sixteen. It isn’t until he starts a family, moves across the country and winds up in a tiny Colorado church that he gives God a chance. And when he does, Ronnie is able to minister to boys who grew up just like him.
  • July 16, 2017
    3470 “Silvia” - PG: (Manslaughter, Abuse, Attempted Suicide) After Sylvia’s father is murdered her mother is convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for life. Sylvia, 14 and full of self pity, is sent to live with a cousin who won’t let Sylvia visit her mom in prison. Sylvia attempts suicide but recovers with the help of a believer. At 18 she marries him, and he takes her to visit her mother. Her selfishness leads to divorce and she marries Jackson. They have three children, and Sylvia finally sees God’s goodness and she surrenders to Christ.