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Global Birth Pang Alert

October 5, 2013
Jan and co-host Eric Barger quiz Rep. Michele Bachmann about the hastening "birth pang" activity that only accelerates daily. Who is funding the new mosque in your neighborhood or coming to your part of town? Bachmann has just met with several world leaders who cannot recognize America right now. Bachmann feels the baton of global leadership has been passed by America to the Mullahs, the Marxist world, and other dark forces. They also discuss the new national nightmare of ObamaCare and the massive invasion of privacy expected. But the focus is on the privilege of being a part of the challenges of this generation that could see Christ's return. The Bible says that "these things must happen" at the time just prior to His return. We are in a spiritual war and the King of kings will be the victor so this news is not a downer. We use the app at OnePlace.com. Find all info here. Find more info at www.bachmann.house.gov. The panel concludes rejoicing that His day of return is at hand.

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Jan's guests are Joseph Farah and Dr. Mark Hitchcock, two of three speakers at "Understanding the Times 2013." Farah comments on current event issues and Hitchcock addresses topics from his new book, "The End of Money: Bible Prophecy and the Coming Economic Collapse." The final money plan is being put in place today and a major question is, "how soon will it be totally cashless?" Find Mark's new book here. Jan and Mark also confront Hank Hanegraaff's statement that the Jews really aren't God's chosen people? Mark and Hank have had a friendly debate on various topics. We use the mobile app from OnePlace.com. Find it at www.oneplace.com
September 28, 2013
Jan's guest for the entire hour is White House correspondent Bill Koenig. He talks about the "perfect storm" Obama is stirring up and the great consequences to it. Whether it is the debacle in the Middle East or his enthusiastic promotion of the LGBT agenda, there are consequences to recklessness. On inauguration day, 2009, the homosexual agenda was posted to the White House Web site and now all levels of his administration are being led by homosexuals who celebrate the deviant lifestyle. What are the potential consequences to America and what can righteous believers do to counter this? We use the mobile app from www.oneplace.comIt is on their Home page.
September 21, 2013
Jan's first guest is apologist Dr. Ron Rhodes who tackles many questions for our troubling times. Some of the many include, why do we need a Millennium? How are we judged at the Bema Seat? What about rewards (or the lack of them)? Why do we need what the Bible calls a "new Heavens and a new Earth"? Will children still be children in Heaven? Where is America in the Bible? Rhodes also corrects the error of Preterism. Prophecy is prophecy and not history as the Preterists claim! How is Hank Hanegraaff off-the-mark? Then White House correspondent Bill Koenig talks about Obama's perfect storm which has to do with his obsession to promote the gay agenda. And America is now seen as coming to the aid of terrorists rather than fighting them. We are in an upside-down world. Find Rhodes' book, "The Big Book of Bible Answers" here. He is one of our conference speakers Saturday, October 5. We now use the mobile app of OnePlace.com. Get info here.
September 14, 2013
Jan and co-host Eric Barger talk to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) for the entire hour. Lawlessness now defines America from the top down. How does this play into the end-times? They discuss the real story behind Benghazi, Egypt, Middle East Christians, Israel, and more. Who among our leaders are there to hold back the evil that is overtaking America? Rep. Bachmann warns of the coming implosion due to ObamaCare. The invasion of privacy is about to soar as a result of this disaster. Is there any hope? With God, all things are possible
September 7, 2013
Jan's first guest is Leslie Haskin, survivor of 9/11 in Tower One. Her flashy lifestyle was suddenly interrupted that day as she fought to escape the trembling tower. But escape did not bring victory; rather, mental illness and even homelessness due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Finding Jesus a year later finally set her free. Hear her amazing story on the new DVD, "Between Heaven and Ground Zero" found here. Then cult expert Jill Martin Rische and Jan re-visit the troubling issue of Reiki. Just because it is the rage does not mean it has lost its Satanic involvement and power. We use the mobile app found at OnePlace.com. Find info here.
August 31, 2013
Jan talks to Pastor Steven Khoury for the entire hour. He is an evangelical Arab pastor whose family has been ministering God's love in the Holy Land for decades but paying a very dear price. That continues to intensify as the current Middle East war against Christians intensifies. Hear this pastor's remarkable testimony that should inspire and encourage you. God is at work everywhere! The media will not tell the truth in this arena because it reflects poorly on Islam. And, they simply care less about the Christians. But Khoury has even limited Christian support because he believes in the promises to Israel and is not a proponent of Replacement Theology. We use the mobile app found at One Place.com. Learn information here.
August 24, 2013
Jan and her co-host Eric Barger talk to Dr. Erwin Lutzer about his new book, The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent. Dr. Lutzer has hit a home run with his insights into what Islam is up to. This is a wake-up call to the church as well. Lutzer gets into "appeasement" issues by the current administration which are delusional and he talks about other current issues that trouble him concerning Islam, America, and the West. As Egypt burns, the three discuss the startling advances of Islam. They reference the warnings of Frank Gaffney, Andrew McCarthy, Clare Lopez, Eric Stakelback, Gen. Boykin, and more. Find Lutzer's book here. Then Christian economist John Terry gives an economic update. Talks about a "recovery" would be laughable were the world's economies not in a shambles. How can Wall Street continue to soar when all facts on the ground are deplorable? We now use the mobile app from One Place.com. Find info here.
August 17, 2013
Jan and her co-hosts Eric Barger and Jill Martin Rische discuss many angles of Mormonism. They are joined by former Mormon Pastor Paul Sheldon. They tackle Glenn Beck's recent "Man in the Moon" extravaganza in Salt Lake City which was a combination of patriotism on display with Mormon trappings. At the heart of Mormon theology is the fact that Mormonism will some day save America when it's Constitution and the very existence of the country hangs by a thread. Sheldon gives his story of exiting Mormonism even though he taught at the lay seminary level. Mormonism is riding in on the coattails of high-profile men, something they have never had before. Beck is clearly their first Mormon televangelist, falsely claiming to be a sincere Bible believing Christian. Find Ed Decker's book, "My Kingdom Come: The Mormon Quest for Godhood" here. We are using the mobile app from One Place. Find info here. Many items referred to on air can be found in our category, "As Heard on the Radio" here.
August 10, 2013
Jan and her co-host Eric Barger consider the massive invasion of privacy going on with guest Gary Kah who has been warning of this for 25 years. Never has the biblical appeal to "deliver us from evil" been so imperative. The monstrous surveillance effort happening today is prepping the world for the Antichrist and the radio team discusses that. Then Jan and David Fiorazzo, author of "Eradicate: Blotting God Out in America," consider the Texas abortion battle with opponents crying "hail Satan" and "God is dead." These are dark times but "the light of the world" remains alive and well and we are His representatives. Find Fiorazzo's book here. NOTE: If you are an app user, we use the app found at One Place. Find info here:
August 3, 2013
Jan talks to Pastor Mark Biltz who unlocked the forthcoming blood moon phenomena via NASA's Web site. We cannot ignore the history of blood moons that are tied to significant Jewish dates such as 1492-93, 1948-49, 1967-68. It begs the question whether the 2014 and 2015 blood moon tetrads are harbingers of ominous things to come, not just for Israel, but for the world. Could one of Israel's many future wars break out during this time? Then Jan gives commentary as to the scoffing presented in two summer films, Rapture Palooza and This is the End. It would appear that the verses predicting Biblical scoffing are on overdrive.You can download our app at www.oneplace.com 
July 27, 2013
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This book reveals how the words, actions, and visions of the prophet Daniel can provide you with purpose and hope in today’s chaotic world, encouraging you to live with confidence in God’s supreme sovereignty and love in the time we have left on this earth.

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