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Jan Markell

Assault: The Intolerant Left vs Freedom

November 8, 2014
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Jan Markell and Jill Martin Rische talk about Christians who are “disconnecting and disengaging” due to the bad news of our day. How do we cope in light of the tragic headlines? Dr. Marcus Bachmann is a guest as he describes the attack he has come under from the intolerant Left. His wife, Rep. Michele Bachmann, is being threatened by ISIS. And American Family Association President Tim Wildmon and Jan discuss the attack on religious freedom. They introduce AFA’s new film, “A Time to Speak.” If the church doesn’t rise up, we will have few religious freedoms remaining thanks to the intolerant Left. Find this new DVD here. We use the mobile app found on the Home page of www.oneplace.com.

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Jan Markell is a popular author and speaker across North America. She has written 8 major books and has hosted the largest prophecy and apologetics’ conference in North America. She began on radio in 2001 and now is heard on almost 900 radio stations with a large electronic audience as well. She founded Olive Tree Ministries in the early 1980s.

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