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Jan Markell

Antichrist What You Need to Know and the Deception of Harold Camping

June 11, 2011
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Dr. Randy White is Jan's guest on the first part of this broadcast. They discuss issues concerning the identity and origin of the antichrist. The discussion reveals the compelling truth of a coming world leader in economics, politics, and even spirituality. Could he be alive today? Likely, yes. Are there signs we can look to that would help identify him? Why is this even something we might consider doing? The more we see the further rise of the one-world system, the more we can know that this "lawless one" is waiting in the wings. We sell White's book, The Antichrist: What You Can Know--What You Need to Know, found here. For more info on White, visit www.randywhiteministries.org or www.askdrwhite.blogspot.com. He is also a guest radio host for our ministry.

On the second half of this broadcast Eric Barger guest hosts and talks with Dr. Dave Reagan, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and Jan Markell. They are offering a response to the Harold Camping tragedy of May 21. They don't just dwell on the destruction of the Campings of the world; they also remind folks of the fact that a Rapture will happen some day. And a crown is waiting for those who long for His appearing. What can we know about this biblical event? All guests emphasize the importance of speaking and informing on this issue more than ever, even if one is marginalized for doing so. While Camping caused horrific destruction and was delusional, his followers took him seriously, showing the power of deception. We carry products by Barger, Reagan, and Hitchcock found here. For further info on guest host Eric Barger, visit www.ericbarger.com

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