Q: What Did Jesus Mean When He Said He Would Not Leave Us Comfortless?
Selected from our Questions and Answers program
A: The word “comfort” is one of the names of the Holy Spirit, and He’s “one called to the side of.” Therefore, He is sent in the world to comfort believers. In this day there are so many Christians going to every Tom, Dick, and Harry to get help. We go to the lawyer for advice, the doctor, the psychologist. But the Lord Jesus sent the Holy Spirit into the world, saying when He’s come He’ll convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment (see John 16:8). That’s His ministry in the world. He indwells believers. It’s a marvelous thing to know that He has not left us alone; the Holy Spirit has come to indwell us, fill us, comfort us, lead us, and guide us. Instead of running to and fro in the earth trying to find help somewhere, why don’t we look to the Holy Spirit? I don’t think we’re using the Holy Spirit as we should. All this talk about seeking the Holy Spirit — I’m not thinking of that. I’m thinking of that poor, lonely widow that lost her husband and is sitting tonight in some retirement place. She’s not alone. He comforts her. May I say to you, oh, how we need Him today. And how Christians need to turn to God more than we are. He wants to help us.