Q: Will Our Children Still Be Ours in Heaven?
Selected from our Questions and Answers program

A: This is a question that isn't answered in Scripture. I think questions like this should not disturb us for the very simple reason that God is going to work it out in a way that will be entirely satisfactory to everyone. If you think that in heaven you're going to move into a house with your family as it was as they grew up, know that it's going to be an altogether different situation. I think heaven is going to be so wonderful — we're all going to be the children of God through faith in Christ. We're all going to be members of one family. I think that this physical family division will be entirely broken down so that every person there is going to be your brother or your sister. There are certain things that I have wondered about, but I have no answer for them. For instance, what about a child that dies in infancy? Mrs. McGee and I lost our first child, and I've always entertained the rather sentimental notion that maybe the Lord will let us have this child to raise in heaven. But I don't know that. I wish He'd let us, because we'd be able to raise her under ideal circumstances and we'd sure know more about raising children than we did when we started out! But I don't know if that is true. Whatever He arranges, it's going to be the very best that could possibly be. So this is a question that ought not to worry you at all. Just turn it over to Him and He'll work it out.