Q: Is it Adultery When the Abandoned Party in a Divorce Remarries?
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A: No, it is not. Not the way I understand the Word of God. But I'd personally want to know the circumstances. I happen to know of a woman who looked like the innocent party when her husband ran off with another woman. The wife came to me because she wanted a divorce and to get married again. But she confessed to me that she had forced her husband into the situation. She felt she no longer wanted to be his wife, so she deliberately pushed him into the arms of the other woman. She told me, "I wanted to get rid of him, but I knew I wouldn't have grounds for a divorce unless he was unfaithful." I'm not saying he was innocent, but that boy was really caught in a trap set by a cunning woman. I told her, "Though God gave the rule, He knows your heart, and this action is not justified at all." There are a lot of cunning people in this world, friends, and that's one of the reasons why I do not give categorical, dogmatic answers on this issue of marriage and divorce. You need to know the particulars of each case.