Can One Get Too Familiar With Jesus?
Selected from our Questions and Answers program

A: I do not like these names that are being adopted by little groups today that they are “friends” of Jesus or “brothers” of Jesus. Someone is sure to argue, “But it’s used in Scripture!” Yes, but it’s used in Scripture in a very reverent sort of way. You know there is an idea today that somehow or another when we see the Lord Jesus someday we’re going to be very familiar with Him. I heard a preacher of a certain persuasion one night make this statement: “When I get into the presence of the Lord Jesus I’m going to rush right up to Him, I’m going to pat Him on the back, and thank Him.” Well I don’t think that you’re going to pat Him on the back, friends! The thing is that we’re told when we come into the presence of the Lord Jesus He is God, and He is the mediator between God and man. When you come there, you come reverently. And I think today that there is this overzealous idea of trying to bring Jesus down into the crowd. Well, you can’t bring Him down into the crowd; if you do, you are wrong. What He wants to do is bring you up out of the crowd and make you one of His!