A: If you will recall, He was made “sin for us, who knew no sin” (2 Corinthians 5:21). God separated Himself from Him, and as a result God the Father and God the Son were divided at that moment when the Son was made sin. I think it’s highly appropriate that He said, “My God,” and not “My Father” at a time like that, because sin puts you and me in the position today where we are not sons of God. We are not sons of God until we come to Christ and receive Him as Savior. Now, a savior is a savior from something. What’s He a savior from? He’s a savior from sin! He’s a savior from the penalty of sin, a savior from the presence of sin, and He’s a savior from the power of sin. I didn’t give it in chronological order. He saved us from the penalty of sin by His death over 1900 years ago, He can save us today from the power of sin by the Holy Spirit, and He’s going to save us someday from the presence of sin when He takes us to a place where there is no sin. And if He gets us there, the sin question is sure going to have to be settled in our hearts and in our lives, because we’re told that no sin is going to enter into that city.