As in the days of the judges, God still uses ordinary men who want to be used to accomplish His great purposes. God can use you if you want to be used, friends. Now here is the third judge, Shamgar.

And after him was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: and he also delivered Israel. (Judges 3:31)

In this case, it is not the man, it is the method that is remarkable. He used an ox goad, which is a very crude instrument. The Israelites just didn't have iron weapons; so he used that which he had.

I hear people say today, "Oh, we must have the best and the latest methods." It is fine to have good methods, but what about the message? It is wonderful to have airplanes that transport missionaries, but when the missionary gets to his field, is he giving out the Word of God? That's what I want to know. Television is great, but notice how it is prostituted today. The important thing is not the method, but the message.

An ox goad can be dedicated to God if it is in the right hands. Remember that God used the rod of Moses. He used a stone from the slingshot of David. And all Dorcas had was a needle and thread. Also there was a boy who had only five loaves and a few fishes. All of these things were given to God. Whatever you have, friend, if you will put it in His hand, He will use it. Think of these three judges who are mentioned in this chapter. They are three little men — plus God.

—From Edited Messages on Judges by J. Vernon McGee