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Official Average Boy Podcast #34

August 7, 2020
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From parents to pastors to police officers, the list of people who help our lives is pretty long. And don’t forget teachers and doctors and nurses! Bob tells how he tried to thank his youth pastor for helping him, but ended up flattening a gigantic stuffed hippo instead. As a bonus, podcast listeners share their favorite Bible verses. Hint: Sharing encouraging verses and praying for the people who help us are great ways to honor them.

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About The Official Average Boy Podcast

The “Official Average Boy” podcast encourages children and parents to laugh and learn about God together.

Hosted by Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine editor Jesse Florea and Christian comedian Bob Smiley. This podcast joins Focus’ already very popular “Official Adventures in Odyssey” podcast as great entertainment and faith-building fun.

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Hosted by Jesse-editor of The Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse magazine, and Bob- Producer of the Odyssey Adventure Club.

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